Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Time Lapse Series In Motion: Stars, Dawn and Dusk

A quick post today before heading back to Falmouth University to do a Friday lecture.

Here are a few time lapses I've put together, a range of locations include the rockies, night-scapes of yellowstone, as well as some star-scapes from the Cairngorms. All sequences were captured by my Nikon DSLR on tripod and a remote timer. Some sequences I've used a range of graduated filters, leaving the camera on location for 2-6 hours for it to do its magic!

For post-productions I use a mixture of tools including Quicktime Pro 7, Motion and Final Cut Pro X.



  1. Quality Jacky, especially the night sky sequences. How long you in Falmouth for?

  2. Magnificent footage! Excited now I can revisit our adventure in Ecuador as well via trailers. Never was able to convert the DVD you copied from Mac to PC. Thanks for hauling around & using all of that amazing equipment!

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