Monday, 4 February 2013

The beginning of NatGeo Conservation in China

Right, one last blogpost from the airport before my flight to China! Went to University College Falmouth last weekend and did a guest lecture section for the 3yrs students. Beside that it was great to see my friends again and people I treasure in life before leaving the UK. It was a lovely detour before working away for the year; Falmouth, you will be missed!

My upcoming project will be based in Mainland China, where I will be working with The National Geographic Air and Water Pollution Fund Project with scientists funded all around the country. For me it’s an honour and privilege to work with NatGeo back in China, by using media to spread the importance of conservation and hopefully make changes for all the better. The idea of having the chance to make a difference, learn and educate my native people to preserve the nature and natural resources give me the edge to really push myself.

Me feeding coal tit - image by James Porter
Unfortunately as some of you probably know, the Internet in China is heavily restricted to the region only. This means I won’t be able to assess sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger and bunch of other social networking sites to keep you up-to-date. However I’ll do my best and get the news to you whenever possible, as often as possible. You can still contact me through my email:, or just leave me a message on my website and I’ll get back to you ASAP. O and my Skype account is: poonjacky , should you need to contact me just give me a Skype.

For now though, goodbye friends and family, Falmouth, Nottingham and the UK, the memories of you will always put a smile on my face in good times and hard times!

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  1. Enjoy your trip Jacky, look forward to seeing results of your work next year.