Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New Feature Documentary Film Project with Wild China Film

Trying to keep myself awake while writing this, its almost 2am here in Yunnan province. Our team have been sent out here last, to meet up with the other 2 teams up in the Baima Snow Mountain. One of our teams have been filming for the pass 3 weeks before they were called back to beijing for a major project meeting last week. The project outcome is to make a feature film on a critically endangered species in the lower part of the Tibetan Plateau, atitude range from 2800m - 4000m deep in the mountains.
After meeting one of our colleague flown from Shanghai with part of the equipments, we arriving at the airport at 7pm local time. (Apologise in advance, all the images on this post were taken on my iphone...)

Landing in Shangrila Aiport at 3300m, accompanied by twilight beams over the mountains 
3 of us took part of the equipments with us, arrived safely 
A truck have been sent out to get us, we are staying in town for the night before heading up to the mountains in the morning 
A good local hotpot after been starved all the is a good way to get over the atitude sickness 
High attitude makes all the crisps packets like nice and full in shops 
Heading up into the mountains tomorrow, I will be here for the week before heading back to Beijing to finish off the final stage of pre-production as I am directing this film. I will then fly back up here the week after to film, on and off for the rest of the year into the winter.

I'll keep the posts coming as often as possible, providing a useable internet connecting for uploading images. As well as posting on here I'll also create a new blog on behalf Wild China Film, dedicated to the journey and the makings of this feature film project. 

But for now, I am off to bed as we need to be up in just under 4 hours to get ourselves up into the clouds.


  1. exciting that you're finally on-site....I'm looking forward to the next installment...what species will the film highlight?

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  3. Mr. Poon, I am currently watching the fascinating and wonderful story of the snub nosed monkeys of Shangrila. What a wonderful story and how appreciative I am of your work and dedication. Thank you so kindly for making this possible and for sharing your gift of film-making with us!